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Birthstory | Lucia Rey

Birthstory | Lucia Rey

There are so many wonderful things I have been blessed to be a part of with the growth of my sister Melissa and her husbands family. Lucia Rey's birth is no exception. They welcomed a third daughter into their family this past July and being able to photograph the experience was nothing short of amazing. I would love for you to look at these photos, paired with her words, with the hopes of catching a glimpse into her experience with motherhood and building a family of five. 


...How I feel when I’m pregnant.
To see your body transform in unimaginable ways. To bring forth life into the world. To feel like a goddess when we are merely human.
— Melissa Perea

I’m in a stage of my life right now where 99% of my time is spent in my pajamas, at home, smelling like breast milk and poop and ketchup and raisins. It’s not very glamorous.

But guess what?

I’m in love. I’m in love with Motherhood.
— Melissa Perea

The following is an excerpt from a blog post my sister wrote on motherhood...

"All of my children have been a choice. A willing choice. And a blessing to boot. I do not feel a sense of martyrdom because of this choice. Especially when so many women spend their nights crying over what they will never have–a child of their own.

Whether you have one, two, or ten it’s all hard. It’s all a crazy system of chaos according to what you are used to handling. And it’s all important. We are optimistic that we will want four, but we take each child at a time. We adjust. We reassess. And we decide what’s best for us according to our life at that time. I wish moms would think about this before they respond with the, “Just wait…” comments. Or before they analyze an exhausted mom of a newborn and counter with how much more exhausted they will be with a toddler. Or question the choice behind having only one when they have five. Or are living in trench full of teenagers and want to discredit the hard work of changing diapers.

We are not cave men. We do not need to grunt and pound our chests over how much we’ve accomplished. We are women. Powerful and graceful. Fierce and kind. Protective and loving. Whether we know each other personally or not we are all a part of the same village. Whether we’ve birthed our children or adopted them it doesn’t change our hearts ownership of them. We are all mothers.


Not Judgers. Not Haters. Not enemies. Mothers.

Always remember that we are on the same team. No matter what colors we wear. And that no one is doing it perfectly. But we are all doing it right when love is involved." 

I hope that you enjoyed the photos and my sisters writing! 

{all my best, heather}

Read the ENTIRE Blog Post here!

If you enjoyed her writing visit her website www.melissaperea.com.

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