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Wallflower Inspiration : Esther Shokair, Florist and Inspiring Human Being

Wallflower Inspiration : Esther Shokair, Florist and Inspiring Human Being

This last week has brought me many amazing opportunities, not the least of which is my subject for this blog post....


Esther Shokair happens to be an amazing Florist, mother to baby boy Ben, loving wife, and inspiring human being. She exudes all the qualities you want in a best friend. She is dependable, super supportive, and downright adorable. She runs a floral business out of her home studio where she creates the most magnificent organic centerpieces and bridal bouquets you have ever seen. I was given the opportunity to shoot a photo essay on her which allowed me to spend the afternoon basking in the rays of sunshine that streamed into her studio and out of her heart. 

WallflowerInspiration (3 of 50).jpg

When I first met Esther, she was a college student along side my sister. I have always known her to be a creative person, constantly involving herself in projects and crafts whether it was for a bridal shower, birthday party, or work event. What I didn't see was her incredible work ethic and  motivation to serve others. These traits have allowed her to morph her love for creating from a hobby to a business. I happen to be a romantic (not speaking in the boy meets girl sense) but in the idea of this life is yours, use it to be who you are, do it well with honor and respect for others, and find your inner happiness. It isn't going to be an easy road always, but the journey is undeniably unique to you. Esther is living proof that you can have it all...If...you are willing to work at it. 

Esther taught me a lot in just a few short hours. 

The difference between certain types of roses. How to properly trim and clean a flower in order to get the most out of its lifespan. Why brown spots on petals can be bad for your bouquet. The reason to avoid dripping water on your florals. And of course, the key to balance in your color palette for your pieces. She is a wealth of knowledge, that one!  

Did I mention she did all of this with her son on her back!? Don't believe me? Look at her go, Baby Ben having the time of his life strapped to his mommy's back. 

As she cleaned her flowers, filled buckets with water, and arranged the different groups of long stems, I got to sit back and watch a creative process I have never seen before. Each delicate rose bud and soft petal was gently arranged into a small cluster that slowly grew into a work of art. As she maneuvered the stems and petals, a leaf would be torn and tossed to make its slow decent to the floor. The leaf would come to its resting place among many others at her feet, a true visual example of her progress through each and every stem of the bouquet. I happen to be a huge fan of progress you can calculate, quantify, or otherwise see visually. Like cleaning a house, you end up satisfied. I didn't even make the bouquet and I had a sense of accomplishment. 

This is only one of many she made that day! Isn't it gorgeous? Visit her website at https://wallflowerinspiration.wordpress.com.



   { all my best, heather }


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