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Pallet Platform Bed Frame: Step by Step

Pallet Platform Bed Frame: Step by Step

This post is for those of you who have reached out to me about reposting the Cal King Pallet Bed Frame post I had years ago on my old blog. I have to premise this because the photography I have for this post is terrible, but it serves a purpose. Please let me know if you have questions and I promise to help you as best I can.

Good Luck for those of you jumping into this project, it is very rewarding!


 The Finished Product

The Finished Product

Find your pallets, they are often available for free just check craigslist. 

Sand your pallets down to remove any threatening wood fragments and stain or paint to your liking.

Assemble your frame. I had already measured my pallets and 2 side by side was 88 inches, perfect for my small bedroom(from side to side). I connected 2 pallets side by side twice, but I DID NOT connect the upper and lower pieces to allow for easy moving. I have a furniture moving obsession and the frame would be very heavy all connected.

I wanted my frame lifted a bit more so I cut one 4 x 4 into 4 inch blocks. You could also double stack pallets. 

Mount your lifts with L brackets, I used one on each corner of each pallet to create a lift that would hold weight safely. Up close of secured base block. (Use at least 2 L brackets to secure)

After all the base blocks were secure, I used self adhesive felt (I already had) and cut to fit bottom of blocks. This will allow for easy movement of frame and no scratches in floor. ( If you have carpet consider using casters instead of lifts) I would have loved to use casters, but couldn't find the locking ones I wanted. I couldn't very well be rolling all over the place every time I got in bed. 

The two piece frame lying right side up. Pushed together. At this point you should have two 88 inch wide by 44 inch long(depending on size of your actual pallets) pieces that you can push together easily.

I threw my mattress on at this point to see how it fit on top of the frame. I loved it, just enough space on each side to "frame" the bed and be utilized as a step. Still not done though........

Lower view. Just enough space under the bed to tuck away low profile items if needed. The sides can also be used as storage which I love for books, phones, kindle, etc.

I wasn't satisfied without a headboard and I had two more pallets that were slightly different measurements than the base pallets. I turned them upright after sanding and staining(as you can see I ran out of stain, but thats ok cause I was planning on covering all that up anyway). Use L brackets (larger ones to withstand weight from leaning on it) to attach to the base. I also threw some larger screws in through the back side for additional support and strength.

I used an old bed skirt to cover the wood and protect my mattress from "splinters". Just situate it where you want it and staple it right down to the wood.  Easy.  If you are not planning on moving your mattress, its not necessary to do this. However,  I have a serious problem as mentioned before with moving furniture and I didn't want my mattress to accrue damage from dragging it back and forth over wood.

Throw the mattress back on, check it out.

I added some 2 inch thick foam cut to the beds width and covered in a soft cream vinyl.  This part was a little tricky, you should probably use a foam glue and attach the fabric of your choice to the foam before attaching the foam to the headboard. I did not do that. I struggled and struggled with positioning and wrapping the foam simultaneously(to cut down on steps of course, ha). Eventually,  I got it where I wanted it and stapled the vinyl to the back side of the headboard. And wallah!!! Not quite, I ended up readjusting it a couple of times. I also plan on adding small buttresses to across it to uniform the texture. I don't really like the super modern flatness of it. I just have to find the right buttons or embellishments before I can do it.

This is the overall so far.

I threw a clip on brushed nickel old desk lamp on the side and I loved it. (As an update: I ended up grabbing another lamp and clipping on the other side of the bed. Looked perfect!)


Enjoy your creative journey!!! Remember, no one knows what it looks like on the underside, the backside, or otherwise.....it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be yours. 



{all my best, heather}



Wallflower Inspiration : Esther Shokair, Florist and Inspiring Human Being

Wallflower Inspiration : Esther Shokair, Florist and Inspiring Human Being

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